October 20: Cloisonne Enamel Workshop


October 20: Cloisonne Enamel Workshop


Learn the ancient art of Cloisonne (kloy-son-ay) enameling while creating a beautiful pendant to take home. Cloisonne enameling is done by bending thin wires into unique shapes, applying layers of powdered enamel inside the shapes and firing each layer in a kiln. Several layers of enamel are used to build rich saturated color then layers of clear glass are applied to protect the piece.

Students will learn to bend the wire to form the whitecaps image, blend and layer the enamel to build smooth saturated color gradation and to finish the piece to a high shine using multiple polishing techniques.

Date Scheduled: Sunday, October 20th, 2019

Hours Scheduled: 10am - 5pm, 6.5 hours, Half hour lunch

Max # students: 6

Instructor provided kit cost: $60 per student

Provided in the kit:

● Fine silver pendant base.

● Powered Enamel

● Plastic cups for washing enamels

● Silver Cloisonne Wire

● Sterling

● Silver bail for hanging

● Detailed instructions

Instructor provided equipment:

● Fine paint brushes

● Diamond grit polishing wheels for flex shaft

● Polishing papers

● Distilled water

● Sanding sticks

● Kiln

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