Our workshops are project based and designed to focus on a specific technical skills. All of them are typically designed to be entry level to get folks started.

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Sunday Sessions

Sunday sessions are held on Sundays and feature 2 hour workshops that always cover introductory skills and are project based. So, not only do you walk away with fresh skills, but you’ll have made something amazing! For a full list of these monthly workshops follow the link!


Learn to Weld: TIG Workshops

We have 2 project based workshops coming up this year! These workshops will teach you the intricacies of TIG welding where you’ll learn how to bend steel and weld either a garden trellis or hairpin legs for a table or riser!


Customize a Workshop

Have a specific project in mind that you want to make? Maybe a book shelf or a special pendant to encapsulate that stone you found at the Grand Canyon? Want to bring together a group of friends to create a set of stacking rings? Give us a message and we’d love to make it possible!