JUNE 23: Plant Hanger (2-4:30)

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JUNE 23: Plant Hanger (2-4:30)


WHEN: Sunday, June 23 (2-4:30)

WHAT: Plant hanger

In this one-on-one workshop, you will discover the basics of TIG welding and how to use a roller, bender, and saw for cutting mild steel rod. TIG welding involves the use of Argon gas and a tungsten tip. The base metal is heated while manually feeding in the filler metal. This is a precise way of welding steel together to create wonderful (and functional!) things!

We have all the gear: hood, jackets, & gloves

All steel is included

No experience necessary! This is a fun way to learn welding and at the end you get something wonderful you made!

*Keep hair tied back and wear closed toe shoes.

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