Guard well our quality of craft, to push limits and create from the self, the spirit, while keeping in mind the limits of the body. Take care and maintenance of these like a well loved hammer. May we find strength in numbers, for we are a community within a community and serve both. Our doors and hearts are open to diversity and fiercely protect this environment to be a space where benches and bodies are respected.

Our Story

The studio began as a dream of mine while attending the Art + Design program at GVSU under the tutelage of professors Bev and Renee in the Metals Department. I understood the difficulties that many students had upon graduating with lacking access to tools, community, and a safe environment to continue their craft. Starting the LLC back in 2012 with a slow start as we incubated in a space called GR Makers. There, we were allowed to grow our group of metalsmiths, have classes, workshops, as well as Holiday Art Markets and host our monthly Forge n' Gorge events!

Our new studio located at 1606 Fuller ave SE allows us to have our own space to continue to offer a lot of the same options plus so much more!