Walk-in bench rental: $10/hr (Thursdays and Fridays 10a-7p)


  • Bench, torch, flex shaft

  • Access to rolling mill, vices, anvil, mandrels, hammers

  • Pickle pots and tumblers

  • Basic tools- saw frames and soldering boards

  • Kiln, enamel, and casting equipment (if proficient/taken class)

  • Wireless internet


Monthly Memberships:


  • All of the above

  • Artist space on website

  • Personal locker

  • Events put on through The Hot Spot

  • Meeting space

  • Special consignment rate in gallery

Membership details below. Contact us to inquire and set up invoicing on a month to month plan:

longbench bw small.jpg


Includes unlimited studio access during open hours for the entire month!


24/7 MEMBERSHIP: $150

Includes 24/7 access to studio at shared bench spaces for the entire month!


24/7 bench membership: $250/month

Includes 24/7 access to studio with personal bench space.


Please email us to sign up- Memberships are through a monthly invoicing after initial orientation and introduction to the studio. For those with previous or current education in metalsmithing, no introductory workshop is necessary. For those with no minimal experience, a workshop will have to be taken in order to have full access to studio.