Our workshops are project based and designed to focus on a specific technical skills. All of them are typically designed to be entry level to get folks started.


Metalsmith Workshops

Our Metalsmith Workshops are introductory and are project based for jewelry making- so no prior experience is needed!. So, not only do you walk away with fresh skills, but you’ll have made something amazing! For a full list, follow the link!


TIG welding workshops

TIG welding (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a form of welding that allows you to manually feed in the filler material between two pieces of metal. These are project based so you’ll learn how to bend, roll, and weld the steel together to make a creation of your choice! Choose from our current list of possibilities!


Customize your own Workshop!

Want to get a group of your own people together for a guided workshop? We can set something up!